Something about myself

In the grander scheme of things, I have been exceptionally lucky. I’ve been able to travel the world.  See amazing sites.  Meet even more amazing people.  Still, there is a side to my luck leading to a need to constantly accept change into my life.

Change is upon me again and this project plays its role.  I returned to photography more than casually around five years ago.  I had never really stopped taking pictures, but nothing as committed as when I’d begun many, many, many years ago.  This time though, it was something other than a technical exercise.  I’ve discovered a love of light, capturing unnoticed moments of interaction between people, or just sometimes on their own.  I love walking, looking and talking.  The simple act of having a camera in hand has led to more conversations with strangers than I can ever remember having had otherwise.

I shoot on the street, in crowds, in markets, at night, early morning.  Pretty much anywhere, anytime and of anyone.  Being lucky, I’ve had the chance to do most of this in China, some in India, Singapore, Korea, New York, Europe and of course at home in Australia.  If I have a style, I’d like to think it’s one of telling stories.  Small vignettes, sometimes on large stages, sometimes engaged with my subject though mostly not.

Over time I have begun working on more structured projects and themes,  including more abstracted techniques.  While not fully broken down into specific projects, this site is a small reflection of that effort.   I expect the images and text will evolve over time.

It would be presumptuous to say I have an extensive professional exhibit or publication resume, but I have shown and been published including:

  • Numerous corporate brochures (2009-2011)
  • CEO Today magazine (2012)
  • 48 Hours Magazine (Longshot Magazine), issue zero (Cover, 2010)
  • Cafe Lua, art cafe (Group exhibit, 2011)
  • Shanghai Photographer Night, 5th edition (Group exhibit, 2010)

I also do commission for groups, couples, bands or anyone that likes the way I approach capturing images.  My work has been used for album inserts and promotional materials.  Additional samples can be provided on request.

So there you go.  I hope you enjoy the galleries on this site.